NRIs Coming Back IndiaThe US remains the dream of every Indian, rich or poor. However, of late, it has been seen that a substantial number of people are shifting from the US to India. Well, this can be attributed to a variety of reasons.

One of the main and prominent reasons is the fact that many have amassed wealth by working hard in the US. So, they want to take care of their properties and enjoy the returns on them. Also, most of them want to refrain from living away from large families as India is now well-developed and provides all the facilities, amusement, and entertainment that they and their children want.

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Some want to move back, as they lost someone due to COVID, and want to be with their parents. Some want to have domestic help as they age, which is not affordable in the US.

Some people assume that NRIs are coming back to India as they want to inculcate Indian culture and values in their kids, which is not true in most cases.

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The NRIs, who are returning to India, are facing a new problem. Here the parents are forced to shell out huge amounts for the school fees of their children. In the U.S., education is free till the 12th (Intermediate level in India), which is one of the biggest advantages for NRIs.

After returning from the US, NRIs want their children to study in international schools and not in regular schools as their kids already went to the U.S.

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Like for example, NRIs coming back to Hyderabad opt for International schools like The Creek Planet School, Birla Open Minds International School Residential & Co-ed, Discoveri Oaks International School, and others, where the parents are charged exorbitant amounts in the name of fees. All their hard-earned money in the U.S. is getting spent here for the education of their children.

Many parents have no option but to get their children admitted into such schools because then they can also prepare them to return to the US once they reach the undergrad level.

If two U.S. returns meet up, then the common topic between them would be how exorbitant school fees and additional expenses are milking all their savings.