Former Chief Minister of Telangana, K Chandrasekhara Rao gave a marathon live show of close to four hours to TV9.

Towards the end, TV9 Rajinikanth asked him about what he thinks is happening in the Andhra Pradesh elections.

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“Whatever happens in Andhra Pradesh does not bother us. Whoever is lucky will win. The information I am getting is Jagan is winning there. As far as my wish is concerned, it is not fair to say that since they are doing their politics there,” KCR said.

The Blue Media and YSR Congress Social Media wings are making this video viral.

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But the fact is that KCR made a similar prediction after the 2014 elections but failed miserably.

“101% Jagan is going to beat the drums. He is winning more than 100 seats in Andhra Pradesh not less than that. In the interests of Telugu people, we will work together since there are many common issues to be resolved,” KCR said back then.

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The common thing on both occasions is KCR was in Opposition. In all probability, it is only the wish or hearsay from the people around him.

More likely such people are pro-Jagan because we know the hatred BRS camp has on Chandrababu Naidu.

The same KCR worked hand in glove with Jagan in 2019 to defeat Chandrababu Naidu.

There is a feeling in the BRS people that Chandrababu and TDP voters helped Revanth Reddy in the Telangana elections.

Most likely KCR is trying to help Jagan with such statements.

Social Media is mocking KCR for these statements. “The same KCR bought a fleet of new cars and parked them in Vijayawada to use after the Telangana elections. We know the result later. KCR has no idea that he is losing Telangana and his AP Surveys or predictions will be a joke,” they are saying.