Nara-Lokesh_Nara-BhuvaneshwariNara Lokesh has embarked on a humongous Padayatra, titled Yuvagalam. He is touring the length of Andhra Pradesh as a part of the same and in a new milestone, he has completed 100 days of the Yatra till now.

On the occasion of Lokesh completing 100 days of the Yatra, his mother Nara Bhuvaneshwari took part in the Yatra along with him.

Now, a set of pics of Lokesh and Bhuvaneshwari from the Yatra today are going viral. In one of these pics, we see Lokesh tying the shoe laces of Bhuvaneswhari. We also see Bhuvaneshwari energetically taking part in the walkathon along with her son Lokesh.

This personal touch for Lokesh completing 100 days of Yatra has left the local TDP troops excited. There was reportedly a new josh in the Yatra today with Bhuvaneshwari and Lokesh leading the charge.

In the last 100 days, Lokesh has attained mass appeal with his no-nonsense speeches in the public and the constant efforts to stay in touch with the needy.

Lokesh still has a long way to go as he will be walking for another 300 odd days and cover a total of 4000 kilometres through the same.