Pawan Kalyan Janasena

A viral post on social media raises concerns about who is causing more harm to the Kapu Community.

An anonymous individual penned a letter, urging Kapu Community voters to carefully consider their choices in the 2024 elections.

Despite Janasena president Pawan Kalyan belonging to the Kapu social group, the community distanced itself from the party in the last elections due to its non-engagement in caste politics.

Learning from this experience, Pawan Kalyan initiated meetings with Kapu elders this time, seeking their support for the party. One notable figure in these discussions was Harirama Jogaiah.

Although Mudragada, another influential figure, could not meet Padmanabham in person, he sent his chief leaders to invite him to the party.

However, Padmanabham chose to join YSRCP. Pawan Kalyan emphasized that Janasena’s doors are always open for Mudragada and expressed his respect for both elders as a blessing to the party.

Pawan Kalyan has also engaged with elders from other castes, seeking their support.

Despite these efforts, Pawan Kalyan is now prepared to align with the TDP instead of the BJP, aiming to avoid splitting anti-YSRCP votes in the state and securing 24 seats.

While Pawan Kalyan advocates against splitting anti-YSRCP votes, there is concern about the efforts to divide Kapu voters.

The question arises – who is attempting to split Kapu votes?

The names mentioned include Pawan, Jagan, Jogaiah, and Mudragada. However, the prevailing sentiment suggests that Jagan, Jogaiah, and Mudragada are perceived as the key contributors to this division.

When going alliance with CBN itself is wrong by Pawan then what Mudragada and Jogaiah are doing now.

They directly giving support to YS Jagan to split the votes of Kapu Community.