YS-Avinash-Reddy-ArrestedThe arrest and subsequent release of YS Avinash Reddy, the Member of Parliament from Kadapa and a co-accused in the YS Vivekananda Reddy murder case, has raised questions and sparked curiosity. The CBI’s handling of the situation has led to inquiries about why the arrest was not immediately disclosed and why Avinash was declared an accused despite being treated as a witness until now.

The CBI has been suspicious of Avinash’s involvement in the murder case from the beginning and has made serious allegations against him in various affidavits, even when he was summoned as a witness. However, the arrest and release process of Avinash was carried out based on the directives of the Telangana High Court’s judgment on May 31, which granted him anticipatory bail.

As per the court’s order, Avinash is required to appear before the CBI every Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm throughout the month of June. The CBI followed the technical aspect of “arrest and release” as outlined in the judgment. Consequently, on the 3rd of this month (Saturday), Avinash Reddy was arrested and subsequently released on bond, in accordance with the High Court’s instructions.

Furthermore, the CBI’s decision to designate Avinash Reddy as the 8th accused (A-8) was revealed in the affidavit filed against his father, Bhaskar Reddy’s, bail application. It is noteworthy that the CBI disclosed this information for the first time in the said affidavit. As the deadline imposed by the Supreme Court approaches, it’s inevitable for the CBI to show Avinash’s arrest before the final chargesheet has been submitted.