Ever since the news broke that Allu Arjun and his wife are going to Nandyala to support YSRCP candidate Ravi Chandra Kishore Reddy, mega fans have been furious on social media.

They argue that Pawan Kalyan is not only fighting against YS Jagan but the entire YCP machinery to oust them from power.

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Starting from Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan, Sai Dhram Tej, Varjun Tej, all mega heroes have openly expressed their support for Pawan, with a few even campaigning for him in Pithapuram.

But what Allu Arjun is doing now is a complete injustice to the mega family, they say. They claim that Allu Arjun smartly released a social media post a day before expressing his support for Pawan Kalyan, only to go to Nandyala for the YSRCP candidate.

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The real reason Allu Arjun is supporting Ravi Chandra Kishore Reddy is because their wives are close friends, and both families share a strong bond outside of politics.

However, no one understands this as Pawan Kalyan is going head-to-head with the most powerful politician, Jagan, who humiliates him in the name of multiple marriages.

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This move also surprised many, as how many votes can Allu Arjun really influence or change their minds to vote for the YSR Congress candidate a day before voting happens?

There is already a gap between mega fans and Allu Arjun fans, and now it will further widen. Pushpa 2 will be a target for trolls and negativity.

If the YCP candidate loses, Allu Arjun will face brutal trolls from mega fans, and this may continue into his next release, Pushpa 2, as well.