Balakrishna Lokesh Are Silent At Central Jail PressmeetJanasena President Pawan Kalyan, Nandamuri Balakrishna, and Nara Lokesh have met Chandrababu Naidu at Rajahmundry Central Jail on Thursday. Speaking to the media after that, Pawan Kalyan announced that TDP and Janasena would go together in the coming election.

Pawan Kalyan spoke to the media at length endorsing Chandrababu’s leadership, tearing apart Jagan’s Vendetta Politics, and also revealing the road ahead for both parties. 

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It is interesting to note that both Lokesh and Balakrishna did not speak at that Pressmeet.

Sources say that it is actually the strategy. They have decided not to dilute the media focus feeding too many headlines through too many leaders. Also, the TDP high command is of the opinion that the confusion among Janasena supporters needs to be cleared so, it is better if only Pawan Kalyan speaks.

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So, Pawan Kalyan passed on the message to his people in his own way.

It is also a message to the BJP high command to decide on which side they want to be.

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As far as the endorsement of Chandrababu and giving him a clean chit, Pawan Kalyan is someone who was on the other side of TDP until yesterday, it is always good to have him speak about the former Chief Minister’s integrity and past achievements.

Also, an outside voice speaking adds to credibility in this crisis-like situation.

So, Pawan Kalyan was given the entire space.