YSRCP Supporters AP Govt EmployeesThe massive tide of Employees at BRTS Road as a part of Chalo Vijayawada had shaken the Government. Despite never before seen and heard restrictions, the attendance is staggering and took everyone in the state by surprise about the anti-incumbency against the Government.

Meanwhile, YSR Congress party and its supporters have started Coverdrives in defense of their party.

Some claim that Jagan’s reliance on middlemen like Sajjala did not ensure proper message reach the people. Some says he should have spoken to them about the bad financial condition of the state to convince. Then the employees would have easily compromised for the sake of Jagan.

There are some others saying that Jagan is being too transparent and expecting the employees to be fair. One can not understand transparency is given that the Government did not even make public the PRC recommendation committee’s report.

And on the top of it, we have the Sakshi’s Coverdrive and it is on most expected lines. The media house simply claims that TDP and Janasena infiltrated the Agitation and also did congregate the people to make the Chalo Vijayawada a big success. With this, they try to belittle the success of the event. 

We do not know if this is the inner analysis of the party and its supporters. But if they are analyzing the same within the party as well, Chandrababu Naidu should be simply smiling sitting at his home.