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Terrible Rehash Of Chandramukhi


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Raghava-Lawrence-Chandramukhi-2-Telugu-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Millionaire Ranganayaki’s family must conduct a special family ritual to overcome the horrendous problems they are facing. It is affecting them financially and also resulting in the loss of lives. The problem is their family is decided due to a marriage done against the elders’ wish.

How the entire family comes together. Who is Madan and how is he responsible for ending the decades-long curse that befallen the family? The Chandramukhi connections to all these form the basic plot.


Raghava Lawrence does his usual for the most part. He is at ease doing the same which we have seen him do many times before. However, there is a flashback segment during the second half where he appears in a different getup and body language. He lacks the same ease here and looks like trying too hard. It’s here that the strain in the actor is visible, who otherwise is fine.

Kangana Ranaut plays the iconic Chandramukhi part in the movie. She has a decent length during the second half of the movie. Within the available time, she overacts. Even when she is still, motionless, it appears like overacting. It has more to do with the director’s vision rather than her own doing clearly.


P Vasu directs Chandramukhi 2. He has in the past directed Apthamitra, Chandramukhi (a remake of Apthamitra), Aptharakshaka (A spin-off of Apthamitra), and Nagavalli (a remake of Aptharakshaka). Now Chandramukhi 2 is a sequel to Chandramukhi. Suffice it to say, he knows the world.

The movie opens without wasting any time from the titles itself. The director gets to the crux of the story of conducting a ritual within the opening few minutes. Once that’s done, a neat connection to the haunted Chandramukhi house is made.

The issue with Chandramukhi 2 starts once we get to the mansion where the first part takes place. The scenes feel repetitive and the proceedings lack freshness. Remember Chandramukhi was a trendsetter of sorts as it launched the horror-comedy genre big time.

The laughs, as a result, feel very derivative and so are the scares which are done to death in all these years. Still, there is an intriguing element with the Chandramukhi angle. One looks forward to seeing how it’s connected.

The small bits and pieces and emotional angle built around the family have a curious element going on initially. The interval bang although on very predictable lines is still okay. However, a sense of the poor version of Chandramukhi does creep in.

It is the second half where Chandramukhi 2 falls flat. The emotional moments lack the compelling quality and appear unintentionally funny at times. Add to this the scares which feel overdone.

However, the biggest issue appears when the flashback starts and a new character is introduced. It rewrites all that has already occurred in Chandramukhi for a new antagonist. The idea is okay, but the execution is where the whole thing comes apart.

Not only is the narrative missing gripping moments, but it also gives a spoof vibe. The overacting and forced emotions executed in an outdated manner lead to that feeling. The tacky production values and poor visual effects are further distractions.

The ending only cements the feeling as it comes across as a terrible rehash of Chandramukhi. The fact that one fears any further hint at a new chapter should make things clear.

Overall, Chandramukhi 2 is a loud, inferior rehash of Chandramukhi with the same elements minus its fun, depth, and star presence. Stay away if you like Chandramukhi.

Kangana-Ranaut-Chandramukhi-2-Telugu-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

Lakshmi Menon gets a critical role among the vast supporting cast. She is okay, but does not match the previously set-up standards. Rao Ramesh is adequate in the part given to him. Mahima Nambiar, Srushti Dange, and others have brief roles and they are okay.

Vaduvelu easily shines over everyone even at this late age. He does the character effortlessly and tries his best to generate fun despite the utter predictability. Radhika Sharathkumar is right in a dignified role adding weight to emotions. The rest of the actors are okay.

Music Director MM-KeeravaniMusic and Other Departments?

MM Keeravani‘s songs are forgettable, but the background score is okay. Some parts of it are loud, but he delivers at key moments. Despite a top-notch technical team at service at cinematography by RD Rajasekhar and editing by Anthony, the film lacks technical finesse. It has a tacky vibe throughout and the visual effects add to that impact. The writing too is below par.


Some thrills Around Interval Mark

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Tacky Execution

No Emotional Connection

Spoof In Parts


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