Salman Khan’s potential exit from ‘Bigg Boss’ is looming amidst indications of a strained relationship with Bigg Boss season 17’s contestant Anurag Dhobal. Recent hints suggest that the superstar might not continue as the show’s host from the upcoming year onward.

During the recent weekend episode, Salman mentioned refraining from expressing opinions about the show in the future and expressed disinterest in individuals leading themselves into trouble. He stated, “I won’t label you all as foolish, but rather as inexperienced because my knowledge surpasses yours. Whenever I share something, it’s perceived as preaching.”

Khan hinted at a potential exit, stating, “I’ve infused humour to create a comfortable environment. I’ve contributed my part to the show in the seasons I’ve hosted. Whether it happens next year or not, I lack the inclination to mentor anyone.”