IPL Finale

The keenly anticipated IPL finale is done and dusted with the game between Hyderabad and Kolkata ending in heartbreak for SRH fans with the defeat last night.

Coming to the topic, Chennai could possibly be the worst venue to hold the IPL final and this was proven again last night.

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Chennai’s pitches are oddly two-paced and there will be no proper run-flow in the first innings. At the same time, it gets much better in the second innings. These kinds of unpredictable and odd-paced pitches can’t be used for a celebrated finale as such.

The pitches in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad have a far more competitive nature as compared to the ones in Chennai. This is where Chennai is seriously lacking with its red-soil pitches that offer slow games.

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While these pitches in Chennai might provide a low-scoring thriller once in a while, they are not worthy to host the finals which have a lot riding on them. If last night’s one-sided affair is a yardstick, it must be seen that Chennai doesn’t get any such high-profile games in the future.