Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video India has captured a significant market, especially in the South. However, lately, the Prime bosses have been making certain titles available for rental during the first few weeks. This means these movies are not part of the subscription plan, and users need to rent them to watch.

The latest example is Ajay Devgn’s movie “Maidaan,” which has received very good reviews from critics, and OTT viewers are excited to watch it at home. However, Prime India put it up for rent, and within hours, piracy sites made HD rips available.

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Prime will make it available to their subscribers after a week or two, but by then, most students and movie lovers who can’t wait would have watched it on available sources online.

This will significantly reduce the views when Prime makes it available to their subscription users.

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So, one wonders what Prime is actually gaining here. The new movie excitement will be gone as well. It’s not just “Maidaan”; Prime has been using this strategy frequently these days.

We hope the bosses at Prime understand how the market in India operates. There will be a negligible number of viewers who want to pay extra money to watch a movie when they are already Prime Video subscribers.

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These pay-and-watch ideas only discourage viewers and encourage piracy. Hope they realize this soon.