1 Nenokkadine Live Updates from Overseas

Climax: Mahesh emotional performance and mystery remains or unfolds? Watch yourself and find out. Review will follow folks. Click here for M9News Review.

15.Twist being revealed FINALLY!!!!

14.Nassar seems to be the final target.

13.Movie continues to be on high dose of seriousness to unfold the mystery I guess.

12.Story shifted to London on same revenge note. Posani adds few laughs. Sukumar’s signature song London babu time.

11.You are my love song -Yes Mahesh did dance and it’s cool to watch him on this song.

10.Mahesh proves to be the best in emotional scenes again.

9.Twist: Let’s watch it on big screen. Interval bang is good.

First half report: Ok-Ok. Finally my favorite shot..Mahesh smiles for the first time. Break now.

8.Sayonara song – decent watch with some dance moves.

7.It’s been an hour since movie has started so far no clue about story. Not much thrill or fun so far, let’s see.

6.Mahesh’s hard work on his body worked out so well for him. He looks lot younger than before.

5.Au Tuzo song in Goa beach -nice watch with Kriti’s cute steps. Works well.

4.Beach scene -Mahesh -Kriti confusing enough uh!

3.Movie is running on a serious note, no clue about story except revenge hint. Rockstar on serious mode, Shayiji Shinde trying to add some fun.

2.Opening shot on Gautam turns in to dad Mahesh and Who are you song is on. Mahesh looks ultra handsome. And yes Mahesh did dance..not bad. Mahesh’s career best look ‘1’

1.Title cards stated with Introducing Gautam. Cool theme for titles.

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