Chiranjeevi Nagarjuna Venkatesh

The Sankranthi season is usually very lucrative for superstar-driven films. In accordance, there is usually a lot of competition from top stars to grab the lucrative Sankranthi slot.

This time around, not one, but three senior stars have put their kerchiefs on the 2025 Sankranthi slot as the race to win over the Sankranthi audience has hit top gear already.

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Chiranjeevi announced Viswambhara for Sankranthi release and the shooting for the film is also progressing at a quick pace to stick to this release timeline. Being an event film, it could have good prospects coming Sankranthi season.

Then comes Venkatesh’s film with Anil Ravipudi. This combination can easily attract the Sankranthi audience to theaters if it gets the desired word of mouth.

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Lastly, we have Nagarjuna who has consciously decided to have a theatrical release every Sankranthi season. Given the trend that Nag’s films are working the trick during the Sankranthi season, he vows to have another fresh release during 2025 Sankranthi season after Naa Saami Ranga gave him some respite this Sankranthi.

Three veterans have already locked the 2025 Sankranthi and it shall be seen who will emerge victorious in this heated clash. The bigger stakes are obviously on Chiranjeevi with his big-budget Viswambhara.

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Considering that no top 6 superstar film is scheduled for Sankranthi 2025, we could see a battle of these senior pros.