Pushpa 2 Devara Movies

April 5, 2024, was initially anticipated as the blockbuster date for movie releases in India, boasting a two-week span with many holidays that promised a lucrative business for big films. However, NTR’s “Devara,” slated for release on that date, faced a setback due to technical reasons, leading to a postponement.

Now, the spotlight shifts to August 15, 2024, as the most sought-after date for film releases in India.

Kamala Haasan and Shankar’s “Indian 2” is eyeing this date, aiming to clash with “Pushpa 2.”

Shankar had originally planned “Indian 2” for April and Ram Charan’s “Game Changer” for September. Yet, recent reports indicate that “Indian 2” might come on August 15.

The delay in the release announcement of “Indian 2” has sparked concerns, especially among Ram Charan fans, as it directly impacts the release of “Game Changer.”

August 15 emerges as a highly contested release date, with multiple top-tier Indian movies, including Rohit Shetty’s much-hyped “Singham Again,” “Indian 2,” Suriya’s “Kanguva,” and Rajinikanth’s “Vettaiyan,” vying for attention.

The final lineup depends significantly on the decision of “Pushpa 2,” which, despite previous rumors, makers have now once again confirmed that they are sticking to its scheduled release on August 15.

In the end, only 2 to 3 films will be released and a lot of reshuffling is expected in the coming days.