Amar-Akbar-Anthony-Lagging-And-Taxiwala-Generating-MomentumAmar Akbar Anthony and Taxiwala are the two big films of the week. There is no head-on clash, though, and they will be arriving on consecutive days over the weekend.

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Right now, it is the time for promotions, and we have to say Taxiwala is leading in that department, undoubtedly. The movie and its lead actor Vijay Deverakonda are making all the right noises. The unfortunate happening of piracy is also keeping it in the news. Meanwhile, Amar Akbar Anthony is nowhere to be seen after the pre-release event. The director and lead actor did an interview respectively, and that’s it.

We have to add here that, better visibility automatically doesn’t mean guaranteed openings. It will always be dependent on the audience interest. The good news here is that despite being commercial projects, Amar Akbar Anthony and Taxiwala don’t cut into each other’s audience. They are targeted at the different segment, and if the films live up to the expectations, they are sure to well at the same time. We hope that is the case.

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