Actress Anushka Shetty’s career changed for good after Arundhati, and people lauded her for her performance in the film, which turned out to be the biggest film of her career. Now, with films like Varna, Baahubali and Rudhramadevi in the offing, the actress believes that it’s not the budget of a film that decides its size but the script. She strongly believes its the script that makes a film bigger and successful, but not always stars.

With over INR 200 crore worth budget films riding on her shoulders, Anushka very casually says that she is never bothered about the budget of a film or how much it makes when it eventually releases in cinema. She said that she is only bothered about her director and will blindly follow his or her instructions. She added that she only worries for her performance but not about other things.

Anushka has been tagged as India’s Lar Croft for performing stunts in some of her films, but she believes she’s no Lara because she cant even pull off half the kind of stunts he manages to perform. However, she is happy that action keeps her fit and active on the sets instead of doing a melodramatic role and feeling inactive.