Liger-MacherlaNiyojakavargam-Karthikeya2The past couple of months have been utterly disappointing for Tollywood with box office disasters like Warriorr, Thank You, Pakka Commercial, and others dampening the Telugu box office.

But August promises to be a seemingly fruitful month for Telugu cinema with multiple exciting releases.

First on the list are Sita Ramam and Bimbisara which are releasing on the 5th of this month. The former is billed to be a feel good love drama and the latter is a VFX heavy mythological action epic. Both are showing great promise.

Then come Karthikeya 2 and Macherla Niyojakavargam. Kartikeya 2 is a mystery thriller that caters to a sizeable section of the audience and Macherla Niyojakavargam is a Mass entertainer. These two films also have their own target audience and are releasing on 12 August.

Lastly, there is Vijay Deverakonda’s Liger which is billed to be a massy action thriller with boxing backdrop. The trade opines that this film has the capacity to pull the audience to theaters in big numbers. It is releasing on 25 August.

As it appears, there are 5 very promising films that are lined up for release in August. Will they put an end to the dry run and go big at the box office? Tollywood would most certainly be hoping for it.