Balakrishna Does Not Deserve This HateNandamuri Balakrishna today on the occasion of his father, Legend NTR’s Birth anniversary released Sri Rama Dandakam rendered by himself as a tribute. The video has gone viral but a section has been taunting the actor for the song criticizing his voice, singing, etc.

It is a fact that Balakrishna’s rendering is nowhere near a professional singer. That’s because he is not a professional singer. Sri Rama Dandakam is not a song, it is more like poetry. Balakrishna, in fact, should be commended for his grip on the Telugu language as he rendered such difficult verses so effortlessly.

People admiring the Telugu language and promoting it so passionately are becoming rare these days. Even if someone feels it does not deserve appreciation, he certainly does not deserve the hate some people are doing it intentionally. On the other side, Balakrishna paid tributes to NTR today at NTR ghat.

The actor cum politician announced his intention of writing the biography of his legendary father.