Bigg Boss Season 7

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 took an unexpected turn in its eleventh week as there was no elimination, a decision attributed to the return of the eviction pass by Prince Yavar. This week’s nominations included Arjun, Shobhashetty, Amar, Yavar, Rathika, Ashwini, and Gautham, but all participants were ultimately saved. The elimination suspense reached its peak when only Ashwini and Gautham were left, and to the audience’s delight, both were declared saved.

Host Nagarjuna explained that the lack of elimination was linked to Prince Yavar returning the eviction pass, offering participants another chance to acquire it. However, this reasoning faced criticism, with some questioning the logic behind the connection.

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Nagarjuna added a twist for the next week, announcing a double elimination. The current roster of housemates includes Shivaji, Arjun, Amardeep, Shobha Shetty, Priyanka, Ashwini, Yavar, Pallavi Prashant, Rathika, and Gautham. The upcoming double elimination will add suspense to the show, keeping viewers intrigued.

If Bigg Boss wanted to place another task for eviction pass, he would not take away the pass from Yavar. They intentionally did it, such a way that someone use it for either Amar or Sobha Shetty. Clearly, the game is turning in the favour of the ‘Star Maa’ batch.

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We have to see how the nominations of the current week will progress further.

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