Bigg Boss Season 7The contestants in Bigg Boss Season 7 appear quite strategic and intelligent in their approach. They seem to clearly understand when to create drama and seek attention within the house.

In the latest episode, Amardeep, Shobha Shetty, and Prince Yavar were chosen as contenders for the third Power Astra task this week. Gautham expressed his opinion, stating that Shobha Shetty needed to be more ready for the tasks and was isolating herself in the house.

When Bigg Boss revealed this to Shobha Shetty, she became furious and heatedly argued with Gautham. She insisted that Gautham provided valid reasons for his opinions and accused him of talking nonsense. Shobha Shetty continued provoking Shobha Shetty, even mentioning his frequent gym sessions. Their argument escalated, creating a lot of noise in the Bigg Boss house.

As part of the outburst, Gautham removed his shirt and started working out in front of her to prove that it’s his wish to do whatever he wants in the house and also revealed that he has full freedom to give his reasons to declare Sobha is unfit for the Power Asthra.

In addition to these incidents, the house has witnessed Rathika’s drama, Prince and Ratika’s romance, and Pallavi Prashanth’s emotional outbursts, all contributing to the overall drama and excitement in the Bigg Boss house.