SaptaSagaraluDhaati-7GBrundavanColony4KThe Tollywood box office ran dry during the Vinayaka Chavithi weekend. Notable release, Skanda postponed the release date and moved to 28 September, leaving the highly prospective Chavithi weekend high and dry.

Incidentally, the Tollywood box office is gearing up for a similar run this weekend as well, with no mid or small-range Telugu film headed for release.

The only prospective release is Saptha Sagaralu Daati which is a Kannada dubbed film. It opened to pretty good reviews in Kannada and caters to a section of the audience.

This film is likely to get lapped up by multiplex audiences if it manages to strike a chord with its target audience, as mentioned. This film is releasing tomorrow – 22 September.

And then, there is 7G Brundavan Colony which is getting re released in theaters on 22 September.

Barring that, there are no mention-worthy Telugu films headed for release this weekend. And incidentally, there are multiple films – Skanda, Chandramukhi 2, and Peddhakapu -1 lined up for release next weekend. Perhaps one of them could’ve locked this weekend slot to take advantage of the vaccuum.