Chiranjeevi_Mega154_Balakrishna_NBK107Sankranthi is often regarded as a very lucrative season for big ticket films. That’s the reason why many stars line up their films for Sankranthi release.

Coming to the topic, Nandamuri Balakrishna has been sizing up the Sankranthi season for his upcoming film, NBK107. The makers are yet to announce the release date but it is heard that Balayya is eager to lock the Sankranthi slot for the film.

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However, Chiranjeevi has now thrown a kerchief at the Sankranthi slot with Mega154. He has orchestrated an official announcement from the makers, saying the film’s dubbing works have started and it is lined up for release next Sankranthi.

Mythri Movie Makers are funding both Mega154 and NBK107. But it is Chiru who acted quickly and got the production house to announce the Sankranthi release plan while Balayya is seriously contemplating the same.

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The senior heroes are both locked in on Sankranthi release window but for now, Chiru is the one who officially announced the release plan he has checkmated Balayya with the same.