Comparison with Pawan a compliment-Ram

Hero Ram is getting ready with a new release after some time and on his part the actor has already begun the promotional activities for the film. Among the many promotional interviews the actor does one question however still remains common though and it’s an expected one by now for the actor too. It is the well known question about the influence and imitation feel that the actor generates of Pawan Kalyan.

While in the past the actor has many times denied any influence, he is now certainly more open and cool about it. The actor says that whether one feels like that or not it is certainly not done in an intentional manner. He even adds that if anyone feels like that then it is more like a compliment to him as he is being compared to one of the best entertainers out there. On a serious note the actor points out that all that was at the beginning of his career and now he has come into his own with his own style and body language and that such comparisons have now been put to rest. Do you all agree with the actor’s view?