Prabhas is one of the biggest pan-India stars in the country if not the biggest with a nationwide fan following.

However, it appears that a certain bias against him persists within Bollywood media, intent on diminishing his stature.

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In the title of a recent article by a renowned Bollywood website, Pushpa 2 was called an Allu Arjun film, while Kalki 2898 AD was labeled as a Deepika Padukone film. Calling a film headlined by Prabhas as belonging to Deepika only serves to highlight the insecurity prevalent within Bollywood media.

Bollywood must remember that Prabhas was the first actor to deliver a ₹500-crore film in Hindi, a feat unmatched by many even today except for Shah Rukh Khan.

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Even his supposed flops, like Saaho, have garnered more attention and revenue than numerous Bollywood blockbusters headlined by stars such as Akshay Kumar.

Take, for instance, his recent film Salaar, which raked in ₹140 crores in Hindi alone, despite facing mixed reviews and contending with SRK’s Dunki.

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With the right project at the right time, Prabhas is poised to deliver yet another ₹1000-crore grosser, owing to his widespread appeal across the nation.

While it’s understandable to mention Deepika Padukone’s name in association with Kalki, the deliberate omission of Prabhas’ name in such discussions reeks of sinister intentions.