Devadas -Movie -Nagarjuna -NaniA big release, Devadas, is coming this week and it will be crucial for three people associated with it. First is the director, Sriram Aditya, then it is Nagarjuna and lastly Nani. Everyone is going through or seen a failure recently.

More than the actors, DevaDas is critical for director Sriram Aditya the most. He has had two films before with good casting and relatively decent reviews, but both failed commercially. Even failure would be like an understatement. Still, he has got a big movie like Devadas. Success here is therefore essential for his future as a director.

As far as Nagarjuna is concerned, only a few movies back, he was going through a golden phase. The fans and trade were happy with his choices, but two films Raju Gari Gadhi 2 and Officer have dented his judgment a bit. The latter, mainly, was a massive embarrassment for everyone associated with it. Nagarjuna would want to correct his equation with Devadas.

And finally, Natural Star Nani is under all sorts of pressure. His standing in the second league, post-Vijay Deverakonda’s massive success, the failure of Krishnarjuna Yudham, and Big Boss 2 stint etc. has put him in soup.

For these three people, Devadas is like an acid test. Right from the advance bookings, everything will be keenly observed. Let us see how the journey of Devadas ends.