Dil Raju Ram CharanDil Raju had a grand launch of his 50th production, RC15, a day back. With big faces under one roof and all the extravaganza, it would have certainly burnt Dil Raju’s pocket. It is learnt that the ace producer has spent a whopping Rs 1 crore for the RC15 opening ceremony.

The thematic poster that came out showing all the cast and crew in black blazers was said to have cost Dil Raju a whopping Rs 25 lakhs for a mere photoshoot. Interestingly, Dil Raju is known to be a tough master when it comes to budget.

Known as a perfect cost-cutting and frugal producer has stunned everyone for the extravagant opening ceremony. On the other side, Shankar is quite opposite of Dil Raju where he goes from exotic locations for mere songs to lavish sets, many eyebrows were raised in the beginning as to how the duo mindset will sync as they are polar opposite.

But with the grand RC15 opening ceremony, it hints that Dil Raju has become flexible and changed his strategy for Ram Charan. Considering the fan base Charan has and the craze Shankar commands, Dil Raju is all out to give his best and sounds confident about the project.

RC15 regular shoot is said to commence from October and the team is likely to wrap up by next Diwali. The team is aiming to have a release in 2023.