Dil Raju Needs Extra Help For #RC15Dil Raju made a big announcement for his 50th film. For the first ever time, he is collaborating with Shankar and Ram Charan, tentatively titled RC15. Ever since the announcement happened, a lot of fanfare has surrounded the big-ticket film.

It also raised eyebrows from a section as Dil Raju and Shankar also polar opposite in working style. Shankar is known for his lavish budget movies. From the picturesque locations to slick action scenes, his movies are expensive.

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On the other side, Dil Raju is a perfect budget planner. This is one the costliest films in his career, thus Dil Raju needs extra help for RC15. As per latest reports, Dil Raju has now partnered with Zee Studios. Now along with Dil Raju, Zee Studios would be the co-producer of RC15. The production is a reputable one and it would help Dil Raju in easing out his burden.

This would also boost RC15 market up North. Zee Studios is a big venture, thus it is sure to give good mileage for Ram Charan. Currently, makers are canning a song on Ram Charan and Kiara Advani at RFC.

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