Dil Raju Gets The Treatment Right From The GoRC15 first schedule that was shot in Pune has come to a wrap. The pictures of Ram Charan along with Shankar and other crew are viral. Apart from Pune, the team shot at Satara and Phalton. Latest reports emerge that Dil Raju has spent a bomb on the first schedule.

Dil Raju is known to be a prudent producer; a perfect cost-cutting producer. While Shankar is the polar opposite of Dil Raju as the former is known for grandeur and lavish sets on his films. Thus the combination of Shankar and Dil Raju raised doubts as to how they would sync in the working style.

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But with the completion of RC15 first schedule, all doubts are laid to rest. Dil Raju has reportedly spent a bomb on the first schedule. As per reports, action blocks and train action scene is said to be the show-stealer of the film. So right from the start, Dil Raju has got the treatment right who is in tune with Shankar’s working style.

Touted to be a political thriller, Charan is said to be essaying a dual role where one of the roles is of a bureaucrat.

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