Dil Raju Stuck in Tamil Politics!Dil Raju had been facing a lot of heat lately. The reason being him locking disproportionate number of theaters for Varasudu(Varisu in Tamil) next Sankranthi over mainstream releases, Veera Simha Reddy and Waltair Veerayya. Telugu followers have been fuming over the fact that Varasudu is getting more prominence in theaters allocation than Telugu biggies.

Tamil cinema followers and representatives like film director Lingusamy have even said there could be a Tollywood Vs Kollywood clash if Varasudu doesn’t get desires screens in Telugu states.

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Now, Karma appears to have come back to bite Vijay’s film in the back. Here’s what’s happened. In Vijay’s own state Tamil Nadu, he is facing a really tough situation.

It is known that Varisu is releasing along with another Tamil star Ajith’s Thunivu. The Tamil Nadu right is Thunivu are with Red Giant Movies, owned and operated by Udhayanidhi Stalin, the son of chief minister of Tamil Nadu, and also an actor and producer/distributor.

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Udhayanidhi has been really aggressive when it comes to releasing Tamil films there. He holds the majority of the screens as his political influence and grip over film distribution are unparalleled. As per reports, he has decided to give Thunivu the widest possible release in Tamil Nadu.

It is reported that Udhayanidhi has asked local exhibitors to limit the screens for Varisu next Sankranthi season as he’s locking majority screens for Thunivu. Vijay might be a big star there but exhibitors and secondary distributors can’t against the word of Udhay.

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So if Udhay actually insists on more screens for Thunivu, then Varisu will have to settle with whatever’s left.

There is also a talk that Vijay has political aspirations in Tamil Nadu and Udhay(ruling party DMK) are ready to stand against him and start the same right now.

While Tamil industry has been pushing for more screens for Varisu in Telugu states, the situation is going haywire in his own Tamil Nadu. “This is exactly what we call karma” Telugu netizens are commenting nkw.