Director-Mysskin-Expressed-Desire-to-Rape-MammoottyThere are many ways to praise the performance of an actor and there are some who want to get free publicity in doing so. Director Mysskin falls into that category who made an outrageous comment just for the sake of praising Mammootty’s performance.

Speaking at the audio launch event of Mammootty’s upcoming movie ‘Peranbu’ in Chennai, Mysskin said that he loved Mammootty’s performance to the extent that if he had been a young lady, he would have fallen in love with Mammootty and would have raped the Malayalam Superstar to express how much he liked the performance. Well, the statement is too disgraceful.

Naturally, the director is on the receiving end on the social media for his scandalous comments talking about rape as a casual thing. Other film personalities who were present at the event were seen laughing at Mysskin’s comments as they were quite amused. Is the word ‘rape’ amusing even in the remotest possible way?