Adipurush-PrabhasAdipurush is headed for its release on the 16th of June and the film is firmly in the news now. Well, there is also some disgusting overaction pertaining to the film.

There’s a social media narrative against the recent announcement from Adipurush, where they said a single seat in each theater screening Adipurush will be left vacant and that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

There are many memes about this announcement from Adipurush team. But the issue is that most of them are crossing the line.

There are memes where a normal ticket for Adipurush costs Rs 250 while the seat beside Hanuman’s seat costs Rs 500. And there memes about how couples will book Adipurush tickets, thinking the hall will be vacant but Lord Hanuman will be there and will have to watch them.

There might be a satirical or an atheistic angle to this narrative but it most certainly has crossed the line.

There are certain Hindu beliefs that are to be respected. There is a popular belief that Hanuman will be wherever there’s a Ramayan recitation. Adipurush team followed the same.

Going overboard with these trolls and hurting Hindu beliefs isn’t a wise thing to do.