Prabhas-Pawan-Kalyan-FansThe grand pre-release event of Prabhas’s Adipurush was held in Tirupati last night. The event enchanted “Ramayan” vibe and Prabhas’s fans had a good time watching the same.

However, there were a couple of mishaps at the event as a few of Pawan Kalyan’s fans got thrashed by Prabhas’s fans.

There are multiple videos on social media where we see people, supposedly Pawan Kalyan‘s fans getting beaten up black and blue by Prabhas’s fans.

Reportedly, these people kept shouting “Babu lake babu Kalyan babu” and “Jai Power Star” slogans at the Adipurush event. This evidently irked Prabhas’s fans who were in huge numbers at the event.

What followed was a sorry tale for Pawan’s fans as they were beaten up badly. Related videos surfaced on social media and they are going viral. Prabhas’s fans are justifying this thrashing, saying this kind of overaction at other heroes’ events will draw unavoidable thrashing and there’s nothing wrong with what happened last night.

Pawan’s fans do have the habit of raising PK slogans at other heroes events. This had been a point of conflict for a while now. Sadly, for a few of the fans, they got to learn the hard lesson last night.