Trailer Talk: A Gripping Adaptation Of Sensational SequelIt is a saying that sequels rarely live up to expectations. However, there is always an exception from time to time. Drishyam 2(Malayalam) is one such thriller that more than lives up to the hype. Venkatesh and the team are bringing the Telugu remake, Drushyam 2, to our fold via OTT release.

First things first, Venkatesh has also acted in the first part of the original, named Drushyam. It feels befitting, therefore, that he also leads its sequel. Basically, it is the entire team that comes together for the second part. And what’s more, the director of the original, Jeethu Joseph, handles the remake.

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The trailer makes it clear that it is a faithful adaptation of the original. All that needs to be seen is if it’s made grippingly or not. From the glimpse, it looks like it is almost there. The casting looks good with the presence of Sampath in the critical character. His face-off with Venkatesh would be exciting, no doubt.

The trailer would be much more impressive to those who have not seen the Malayalam original and only have Venkatesh’s Drushyam in mind.

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Check out the trailer below. Meena and the rest of the cast, including Naresh and Nadhiya, return for Drushyam 2. However, unlike the first part, which had a theatrical release, the makers of Drushyam 2 are going with an OTT release. The family drama cum suspense thriller will stream online from November 25th on Amazon Prime Video.

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