Dussera Box Office winner Most Eligible Bachelor Maha Samudram PellisanDThis Dussera season saw the release of five direct Telugu movies and a dubbed one. They are Konda Polam, Aaradugula Bullet, Varun Doctor, Maha Samudram, Most Eligible Bachelor and PellisandaD. Here are the expected (and not so) verdicts of these films.

Konda Polam is a disaster. The Krish directorial opened with low numbers on the first day. It turned out to be its best day in the entire run. For a film that needed seven crores to achieve breakeven, it didn’t even reach the halfway mark in its first week. After a blockbuster debut, Vaisshnav Tej has to settle with a disaster on his second attempt.

The long-delayed Gopichand starrer Aaradugula Bullet finally hit the cinemas on October 8th. However, it was a non-starter, to begin with. Its stay in theatres was less than the years it took to arrive.

Sivakarthikeyan’s Varun Doctor is performing unexpectedly at the box office. It opened with terrible numbers on the morning of the opening day but got houseful by the evening. The movie since then is holding well at low ends and is likely to break even by the end of the second week if the same trend continues.

The biggest disappointment of the Dussera season is Maha Samudram. Despite a strong cast and fairly decent reviews, the movie has failed to take off. The opening day was alright, but it has literally crashed on the second day. If not for the festival, things would have been much worse. It needed a little over thirteen crores to achieve breakeven status. So far, it has collected three and a half crores.

Most Eligible Bachelor came with a normal buzz, reflected in the initials in the morning shows. However, it took the festival advantage and showing tremendous growth. The weekend trend is excellent, and a lot depends on the weekday’s performance to see where it ends. Akhil is likely to taste his first hit at the box office, but things would be apparent from the first Monday.

And last but not least, PellisandaD has thrown a considerable surprise despite horrendous content. The B and C centres especially are holding well on the second day. The young couple, Sree Leela’s glamour and songs are working to its advantage. If its holds well from Monday, it could be a sweet surprise success.

On the whole, Most Eligible Bachelor is the only one with the potential to be a ‘Hit’ at the box office. Kondapolam, Aaradugula Bullet and Maha Samudram are disasters. Varun Doctor and PellisandaD can get to the breakeven mark if they hold well in the coming days.