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Bland Outdated Mass Fare


‘U/A’ Certified, 2h 21m

Gopichand- Aaradugula Bullet Movie ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Shiva (Gopichand) is the son of well respected Murthy (Prakash Raj). However, much to his distress, Shiva gets entangled in brawls and doesn’t do any job.

Kashi (Abhimanyu Singh) is a goon who terrorises the people of Vijayawada. If he sets his eye on anything he must get it. One day Kashi eyes the house of Murthy. How does it affect the relationship between father and son? What is the resolution to the threat by Kashi is the movie’s plot.

Gopichand plays to galleries as an angry young man. He does everything with ease and confidence in his inimitable style. It also includes some way over the top action scenes and loud dialogues. In short, it is work as usual for the actor with not much change in his demeanour.

Director B GopalAnalysis
B Gopal directs Aaradugula Bullet. It is a long-delayed movie that has finally hit the screens after years.

The story and the making reflect the delay. There is an outdated quality from the start itself. The stunts, the wireworks and all bear the obsolete look.

Vakkantham Vamsi is credited with the story. It doesn’t entirely come as surprising given the close resemblance with his previous work Ashok. From the lead protagonist to his family, the egoist villain, the whole framework is borrowed from the Jr NTR starrer.

And yet, Aaradugula Bullet takes ages to get to the point. The story commences after more than an hour. What we have in between are a filler comedy track, romance and some family drama.

Sometimes outdated stories could engage if the handling is cued to the latest trends. With Aaradugula Bullet it is a case of a triple effect. Besides the story, we have a director handling it who is way past his prime. The final nail in the coffin is the delay.

There is not a single scene that appears new. The whole narrative is filled with deja vu moments. The core family drama which had some promise is nipped in the bud as things change to routine within a couple of scenes.

After a predictable interval bang, the second half again traverses an expected route. We don’t get to the main plot until the pre-climax.

The narrative post-interval takes a different turn to comedy. Brahmanandam is used as bait for few laughs. It is a formula that has run its course. But, it can’t be helped here because of the delay.

After a lot of stretching, the narrative returns to the core conflict in the last half an hour. Again we are back into the Ashok territory with a couple of scenes coming across as it is.

The whole thing is wrapped with a lengthy fight and sermon from the hero. It comes across as a massive relief rather than the satisfaction of watching a mass entertainer.

Overall, Aaradugula Bullet is an outdated mass movie. Unfortunately, its fate wouldn’t have changed even if it had arrived on time due to its hackneyed narrative. Even if you are a mass movie lover, it is better to forget the existence of Aaradugula Bullet.

Nayanthara - Aaradugula Bullet Movie ReviewNayanthara & Others?
Nayanthara playing the heroine has a typical role. It is more to provide entertainment rather than advance the story in a serious sense. Prakash Raj is reliable as usual. He gets good footage throughout and carries out all the emotions clinically.

Abhimanyu Singh playing the villain is loud and over the top. He follows the brief and delivers. Brahmanandam adds to the outdated feel. Late MS Narayana and Jayaprakash Reddy are seen in inconsequential roles. Senior actress Manorama is alright. Madhu Nandan is wasted.

Music and Other Departments?
The music by Mani Sharma gives a stale vibe. None of the songs click. The background score is loud. The cinematography is weak, but that’s kind of expected. The editing too is poor. The less said about the writing, the better.

Prakash Raj

Utterly Predictable
Weak Villain

Alternative Take
As mentioned previously, Aaradugula Bullet itself feels like an alternative take on Ashok.

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