Actress SreeleelaSreeleela was all set to delight her fans with a series of movie releases in a short span. From the Vinayaka Visarjan weekend to the upcoming Sankranthi festival, she had five movies lined up for theater releases.

These films included Skanda, Bhagavanth Kesari, Aadi Keshava, ExtraOrdinary Man, and Guntur Kaaram. Unfortunately, Skanda, the first of the lot, released last week and fell short of expectations.

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Sreeleela’s craze peaked after the success of Dhamaka. Many attributed the success of that film to her. She became the talking point in film circles and fans.

But nothing of that sort happened after the release of Skanda. Her character in the film was designed as if she was brought in because she was supposed to be the heroine for some songs and three or four scenes. The film didn’t leave any bad impression on her career but it didn’t help either in any way.

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Skanda’s failure hasn’t affected her craze one bit but one wicket is definitely down in her lineup of films. And she cannot afford more failures from hereon.

With Bhagavanth Kesari slated for release on October 19, all eyes are on how this next film will fare and whether Sree Leela can maintain her winning streak.

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