Everyone Will Enjoy Khiladi : Ravi TejaThe pre-release event of Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s upcoming film Khiladi was held in Hyderabad. Most of the cast and crew of the movie attended the function and made it a grand affair. Khiladi will be a paisa vasool entertainer that will be worth every penny spent was the sentiment echoed by many.

The different directors whom Ravi Teja introduced to the film industry attended the event as guests. They all had high praises for the star, with Bobby describing Ravi Teja as a university under whose tutelage they have all flourished.

Producer KL Satyanarayana gave a lengthy speech thanking everyone. He said that Khiladi would provide the experience of watching a five hundred rupees movie for the ticket of a hundred. It will satisfy all kinds of audiences as there is something for all. He also thanked the media for giving extensive coverage and taking the movie to the audience at the last minute despite uncertainties.

Director Ramesh Varma thanked his stars for the fantastic opportunity and also his team for the dedication and involvement with which they worked.

Devi Sri Prasad brought energy to the event in his trademark style and said that Khiladi would be a grand entertainer and a blockbuster.

And finally, Ravi Teja had high praise for the writer Srikanth Vissa. He said he wouldn’t have accepted the movie if not for him. Ravi Teja thanked Ramesh Varma for introducing Srikanth to him. He also wished KL Satyanaraya all the best and said there is a lot to learn ahead.

Khiladi stars Meenakshi Chowdhary and Dimple Hayathi in the female leads. The grand action entertainer will hit screens all over on February 11th.