Ooru Peru Bhairavakona, Salaam, Eagle, Yatra2, Ambajipeta Marriage Band

February is usually regarded as a dry season for Tollywood and accordingly, not many notable films released in this month this year. Going by the box office numbers posted in February, this has been a dry and disappointing month.

The first mention-worthy release of the month was the Ambajipeta Marriage Band. This social drama had limited appeal and hence couldn’t put any surprisingly good numbers. It was followed by Lal Salaam which can technically be called a Rajinikanth starrer given his cameo in the film. Let along the box office result, not many people even know about this film’s release.

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Yatra 2 is a propaganda biopic and was outrightly turned down by the audience. It was a jolt of sorts to the ruling party before the polls.

The most note-worthy release of the month, Eagle had a decent action part but the drama wasn’t binding enough, so it too underwhelmed at the box office. Ooru Peru Bhairavakona could’ve struck a chord with the Telugu audience who are inclined towards mystical films of late but it too failed due to weak presentation.

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The cumulative performance of all these films is also very weak with no film even posting noteworthy numbers.

With February lying low and dry, the onus is on March with the month starting with the release of Operation Valentine on the 1st of March. Can this film revive Tollywood’s box office sheen? We have to wait and watch.

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