I am game for dating – Shruti Haasan
Shruti Haasan is currently among the few heroines who are youth heart throbs not just in South India but across the country as well. The fact that she was stalked recently, although not a good thing to happen, shows the kind of craze she enjoys. Youth fanaticize about her thanks to her drop dead gorgeous looks. The actress however despite such compliments has no boy friend in real life.

When asked by a magazine recently about the same issue, the actress quipped that she is game for it. She said that, she would in any given month, be busy with number of films shoots and would be moving to one location to another, if a guy can manage a way to date in between all these shuttling, I am game for it. So all you guys out there who really adore her, we suggest instead of stalking find out a way to date as she asks and she will be happily yours.