Anasuya BharadwajAnasuya Bharadwaj is one of the most vocal actresses in Telugu cinema. She maintains a very active presence on social media and is no short of controversies.

Now, the actress has opened up when asked why she often finds herself in the midst of controversies due to her social media posts.

“Let’s be honest, I have been stupid with my social media activity. I was never wrong, but I was certainly stupid. Not many people have the outspoken attitude to react, but I do. I am instantaneous about my responses and that has landed me in controversies” Anasuya stated.

About the viral and controversial video of her crying out badly in a recent video, Anasuya had a strange comment.

“I had a triggering moment personally. My pet parrot got acclamatised to our house and it was a favorite of mine and my elder son. After I had to go abroad and my son went to school, the pet parrot got anxious and bit my mother and uncle. They were diabetic and the wounds were hard to cure. So, I had to give the pet parrot away. It was like giving away a kid. It was painful, hence the post”