Have you ever wondered why does RGV make flops after flops with films dealing with same subject. He said its because he never likes to quit until he gets it right. That’s the reason why he never gives up on horror or underworld films. He says he made Satya 2 because he thought he could have made a better Satya. The same is applicable for his association with Horror films as well.

RGV, who has received lot of flak for making films on gangsters and dons regularly, says that audiences should stop referring people to their profession and see them merely as human beings. He said that if we strip the profession off everybody then we all are only human beings. He said audiences should see gangsters as human beings and understand their emotions and purpose behind what they do.

He also believes a film works on its merits, but not due to the presence of stars. Ramu said his film films with newcomers as well stars have bombed at the box-office because of the merit. He quotes examples of films such Shiva, Satya and Drohi which clicked at the box-office even with newcomers in the lead, but a film like ‘Aag’ turned out to be a disaster despite the presence of Amitabh Bachchan.