Industry Pedda: Srikanth's VersionActor Srikanth has done over 100 films in his career and is quite active in the various activities of the industry. He has also handled the Movie Artists Association in the past and comes forward for the needs of the industry people more often.

On the other hand, megastar Chiranjeevi, whom Srikanth considers as an elder brother, told the media recently not to call him an industry pedda as he is not any leader and will come forward only when the industry needs him.

Srikanth feels that for him, Chiranjeevi is indeed an industry pedda as he has helped so many people for a long time now. The noted actor is also of the opinion that so many people in the industry go to Chiranjeevi for help and ask him to take lead in their issues. So, seeing all this, there is nothing wrong in calling Chiranjeevi an Industry Pedda after Dasari, says Srikanth.

Even when the whole ticket prices issue erupted it was Chiranjeevi who was called first by the YCP party and this shows what place the megastar has in this industry, says Srikanth.