Sports and cinema are two of the most glamorous fields in the showbiz. It is common for cross-promotions on this front as we often spot film stars at sports arenas. One such incident happened with Malayali-born Tollywood actress Samyuktha Menon.

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Of late, Samyuktha is being spotted at the IPL venues, supporting SRH and interacting with the fans. Needless to say, this is being cherished by SRH fans as they are glad to see a heroine step out with dedication to support SRH.

But as is the case with most public affairs, there is a negative talk on Samyuktha supporting SRH as well.

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A batch on social media is saying the Samyuktha is a Malayali-born actress and there’s no reason for her to support SRH. “A Malayali girl, if anything, should support Chennai with this being their neighboring state. But Samyuktha is supporting SRH and there could be a hidden reason. It could be to get SRH fans attention and thus land a few film offers if possible.”

But this is nothing but trash talk. A person, regardless of the fact that he/she is a celebrity or not, can support any team they want. We see many Hyderabadis supporting Mumbai, Chennai and RCB as well, In that case, there should be nothing wrong in Samyuktha supporting SRH and it could well be a generic thing.

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Making a meal of this minute aspect is as shambolic as it can get. But at the ground level, Samyuktha is indeed impressing the SRH follower base with her support to the Hyderabadi side which is now in the finals of the IPL.