Acharya Early US Premiers - Risky Call?Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Acharya is just ten days away from release and there is not much happening in terms of hype and promotions. Meanwhile, the US premieres will happen at 3 PM EST(12.30 am IST) on the 28th of April.

This is quite a risky call from the US distributors as there is not much hype on the film. The first single that came out also didn’t raise the hype and the second song disappointed the fans.

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Generally, if there is a solid buzz for the film, the early premiers will help. But Acharya’s situation is quite different. It will be dependent on word of mouth and early reviews. As the premieres are being aired quite early, if anything wrong, the film will be affected.

Seeing all these scenarios, one can understand that the US distributor has taken a bold call. Things are now depending on the pre-release event which needs to create some hype for the film otherwise, there isn’t much left before the release of Acharya.

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