Creation of too much hype is danger to any movie since fans expections will be high. If the movie does not reach the expectations, it will be a tragedy for hero as well as the entire unit. Compared to other heroes, NTR’s movies are always released with unnecessary propogranda and make many movies as disasters at the box office. For instance Shakti and Dammu have been released with unprecedented media hype. No need to explain what had happened to those movies.

Despite previous bitter experiences, makers of Ramayya Vastavayya are boasting of the movie and NTR’s new look. Director Harish Shankar is pumping too much expectations to create curiosity among the audience about the Ramayya Vastavayya. Too many interviews about the movie is an indication for the hype. He says about NTR’s young look, new hair style, one liner punch dialogues and etc. He says NTR will get blockbuster like Simhadri, this statement will alone set fans expectations in sky.

Creating curiosity is good but generating redundant hype is injurious to the movie. NTR fans are worried with the unwanted promotion and comments of the makers of RV. They say such hype had boomeranged even for Ram Charan with Zanzeer movie. They requested Harish and team to allow the movie to speak instead of director and others.