Srikanth AddalaSrikanth Addala emerged as the director of feel-good films, after movies like Kottha Bangaru Lokam and Seetamma Vaakitlo Siri Malle Chettu. His Mukunda was also a decent affair.

And then came Brahmotsavam, the baap of all disasters. It was not only a theatrical flop but critically also became one of the most trolled films of all time.

After a gap of more than 7 years, Srikanth Addala is now coming up with Peddha Kapu. Yes, there was Naarappa in between but that was an OTT release. Peddha Kapu is Addala’s first theatrical release after Brahmotsavam.

Going by the promos, songs, and other assets, it seems Srikanth Addala has done his homework well. The film has decent hype which was completely unexpected around it due to the impactful teasers and promos.

Despite no major star value, the film is carrying good expectations among the trade and the audience. The making of the film also looks to be matching the standards of the industry, all thanks to Akhanda fame producer Miryala Ravinder Reddy.

The movie-going public can smell a good film by its promotional material and that is what is happening with Peddha Kapu which looks like a solid hard-hitting film.

If the film clicks, then offers will once again come rushing for Addala. But if the film fails to excite the audience, then it will be very difficult for Srikanth Addala to get another producer to invest in his vision and films. It’s a make-or-break deal for Addala.

But as of now, things are looking positive for Peddha Kapu.