It's The Least I can Do for MS Raju - Ram CharanAs an individual, Ram Charan seems to have grown a lot after ‘Rangasthalam’ and his latest speech at the pre-release event of Niharika Konidela’s ‘Happy Wedding’ is one more instance when his maturity level’s surprised the listeners.

He reminisced about how producer MS Raju gave Chiranjeevi Rs. 5000 in the early 1980s when the megastar was in dire need of money and his producers couldn’t loan him that amount when he asked them. That was when MS Raju gave Rs 5000 to Chiru though Chiru wasn’t doing any film with him, back then.

Rs 5000 doesn’t seem to be a big amount now. Back in the 1980s, it’s a big amount and in fact, a month’s salary for a household. That’s why Ram Charan feels that it’s the least he can do for MS Raju by attending the pre-release event of his production venture.

As a matter of fact, he need not even mention this anecdote as it’s the pre-release event of his sister’s upcoming movie. But, it’s his humility that made Ram Charan reveal about MS Raju’s benevolence. Good going, Charan!