Jagan Headache Gone, But Another Starts For RRRRRR is readying itself for a massive release on the 25th of this month. Yesterday, good news came in for Rajamouli and his team as the AP government has allowed them to hike the ticket price of RRR by 100 rupees in AP which is a welcome sign for Rajamouli and co.

But on the same day, one more headache has started in Kerala. As per the latest news FEUOK, which is the biggest theatre association in the state, has warned the distributors that they will screen the movie only if the share term is 55% for the first week.

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This is a daunting task for the distributors as the margins of profits will get limited. So many small time distributors have gone all out in Kerala and have spent a bomb to bag the rights of the film.

Now this new headache of exhibitors not willing to cooperate with the distributors has created a tense situation. We need to see what the makers of RRR will do to ease the situation. RRR is also getting a record number of screens in Kerala on the 25ht March.

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