Kamal's real Viswaroopam in V2

Kamal Haasan’s real Viswaroopam will be seen with the sequel Viswaroopam-2 that is all set to release very soon with near completion of post production work. Top celebrities and distributors were stunned with the fantastic trailer of Viswaroopam-2. The film’s visual effects supervisor of the film Madhusudhanan couldn’t hide his happiness. “I saw the first cut of vr2 trailer! Very impressive and interesting! Well you fans have to decide! I am adding my blocks into it!”

The prequel was shot mostly in US but the sequel was done in India, giving more indigenous look to attract family audience too. Kamal is acting as a spy and he is the producer and director of the movie. The prequel was a big hit relieving all the tensions of Kaml. He faced many difficulties with the ban imposed by Jayalalitha government under the guise that it had hurt sentiments of Muslims.

He even threatened to leave India permanently as he lost everything including his dream home that was mortgaged to finance Viswaroopam. However, prompt intervention by film personalities, he got permission to release the movie in Tamilnadu also, making way to earn huge profits.